The IDDEA Group board thanks you for attending the 2023 conference. 2024 Conference dates will be announced soon.

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Who We Are

We are an independent user group, representing city and county governments, utility companies, engineering and consulting firms, universities, area colleges, the Iowa DOT, and various other state(s) agencies.  Most of our conference attendees are from Iowa, although there are routinely attendees from most surrounding states, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota.  Our Special Interest Groups are MicroStation, GIS, Transportation, and Systems Management.  Most of our speakers and trainers are nationally, and even internationally known.

By Laws

Articles of Incorporation

What We Do

Organize as a group of individuals who are interested in:

  • Sharing ideas
  • Enhancing user skills
  • Continuing dialog among members and vendors
  • Influencing the direction of CAD/GIS and related products and services.

Why We Do It

The IDDEA Group objectives shall be as follows:

  • To promote and maintain open communication among users of MicroStation and related products and services. Operate as a source for the exchange of information relative to the use of MicroStation and related products.
  • Sponsor and provide technical presentations and workshops on topics of mutual interest among the users.
  • Provide a coordinated effort for the purpose of communicating requirements, interests and problems within The IDDEA Group to supporting vendors.
  • Promote and support working relationships in an effort to provide assistance to similar organizations.
  • Encourage related vendor interests to establish and enhance the development of products that enhance the use of MicroStation and related products.
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